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<br>How to Wear a Bra}

How to Wear a Bra

Posted on January 17, 2023

Our bras are one of the most important parts of our outfit, they keep us comfortable and confident every day. Yet despite this, many of us do not actually know how to put on a bra correctly. According to Insider, most women put on their everyday bra by doing the clasps up at the front, before swiveling the bra around and then putting their arms through the straps. You might be surprised to hear that this is not the recommended way to put your bra on. In fact, it can lead to you stretching or loosening the fabric and straps unnecessarily. Never fear, Triumph is here to give you the details of how to put on a bra correctly, from everyday options to special occasion choices.

Bras began in their (almost) modern form in the 1860s, however they only became fashionable after the first world war. In the 1930s, bras began to acquire the essential features they have today, including eye-and-hook fastening and adjustable straps. By WWII, most women were wearing them.

As the addition of more flexible and adjustable features goes to show, when it comes to the right bra, fit is everything. While it is important to put on your bra correctly, the right technique can’t make up for a bad fit. After you know how to put on a bra, you should also check if it fits correctly.

How to put on a bra correctly

  1. Put your arms through the straps, with the cups in front of you.
  2. Fasten the clasps behind your back. We know, it’s hard, but it gets easier with practice! You can use a mirror to help you. You can choose how loose or tight you want your bra by adjusting the hook you use. If your bra is new, it should fit on the loosest hook. If you can fasten it without much tension on the tightest hook, it’s time for a new bra.
  3. Bend down to help move your breasts into the cups. This will move your breasts in the right direction.
  4. Feel the sides of your breasts for any loose tissue hanging out of the cup, and gently move it to fill the side of the cup. If you can’t fit all your breast tissue in the cup, then your cup size is likely too small.
  5. Make sure the underwire is sitting comfortably beneath your breasts, without leaving any extra space for them to hang down.

As time passes you’ll also need to adjust your bra straps to make them a little tighter as the material stretches. If the straps can no longer provide enough support, then it’s time to go bra shopping.

How to put on a strapless bras

Strapless bras can be put on in a similar way to everyday bras – the trick is to make sure you fasten them in a way that will prevent them from slipping down once you are wearing them. Make sure you wrap the bra band underneath the bra cups, ensuring that it is lying flat against your body. You shouldn’t be able to fit more than 1 or 2 fingers beneath the band. You can then fasten the hooks behind you.

While different bras should be put on with different techniques, putting on your bra correctly is all about preventing the fabric from stretching and making sure you feel comfortable. Make sure you replace your bras when they wear out, and that you’re always wearing the right fit. You can use our size calculator and perfect fit tips to help find the best fit for you. If you have breasts that are different shapes or sizes you’ll also need to find the right bra for uneven breasts.