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</br>Guide To Buying A Bra Online}

Guide To Buying A Bra Online

Posted on January 09, 2023

Shopping online definitely has its perks – a few simple clicks from the comfort of your couch and in a few days’ time, the thrill of the postie delivering something other than bills! However, buying bras online does have its potential pitfalls, like when something doesn’t quite fit. Avoid having to fill in those dreaded return forms by following these simple tips below.

Know Your Bust Measurements

Measurements matter! Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean relying on the size of your favourite bra, which you may have been wearing for the last two years. Breast size can change over time and sizing between brands can differ too. So grab a tape measure and check your under and over bust measurements. Triumph’s Bra Size calculator  and Measurement Guide can assist along the way. If you’re still not sure on your size, book in for one of our Online Bra Fitting Services. Our friendly team of bra stylists can guide you through the process, offering fitting tips and style advice in a private one-on-one zoom appointment.

Narrow your bra search

Scrolling through countless pages of products can be overwhelming. Instead, narrow down your search options by filtering products by size, then by your desired style or fit. You can also choose to filter again by colour or fabric preference. Knowing what styles of bras suit certain bust shapes is also important. Those with smaller busts may opt for styles with extra padding. However, plus size styles that offer full coverage are ideal for larger busted women. All this information can be found within the product descriptions, so be sure to read them carefully before purchasing.

Understand the bra materials

Who doesn’t love a bra that feels like you aren’t wearing one at all? Knowing the feel of the material can be just as important as the size, so familiarise yourself with the different types of fabric content. There is a reason why some bras are less expensive than others. Cheaper bras often compromise on fabric quality and there is nothing worse than fabric that feels like sandpaper. So grab your favourite bra and take note of its fabric composition, using it as a reference point when shopping for others online. Look for bra brands who incorporate innovation, quality and comfort into their fabrics and production. Triumph continues to look for new and innovative ways to create the ultimate comfort and support for your bust. 

Know the returns policy

Even though you may have followed all of the above steps, there can be the odd occasion of disappointment. Before you hit the checkout chat with us via live chat, take a look at the brand's online store return policy, taking note of any costs involved, how long you have to return a product if they offer refunds or exchanges, and if they accept change of mind?. Triumph is committed to ensuring all customers are satisfied with their lingerie purchase and are happy to offer refunds or exchanges within 21 days of purchase, no matter the reason for your return. Returns are also free of charge. You can read more about our returns policy here.