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How to find the right fitted bra?}

How to find the right fitted bra?

Posted on November 24, 2022

If you’re like most women, then you find yourself getting dressed in the morning one day when you start to wonder “does my bra fit anymore?” Our bodies change all the time, and the bra we wear should change with them – not to mention the fact that bras themselves stretch and reshape as time passes. You can use our bra fitting advice to understand whether your bra is sitting correctly on your body. But today, we wanted to take a different look at the question of “does my bra fit” by covering five things your bra should be doing for you right now. If you find your bra isn’t giving you what you need, then it’s time to go bra shopping.

It’s all too easy to forget about replacing our bras. In fact, a Chiropractic & Osteopathy study suggested that up to 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, and most of these women are wearing bras that are too small. Wearing a poorly fitting bra not only compromises the support you need, but can lead to back pain, poor posture, and discomfort when you’re on the move. It’s important to understand the science behind fitting a bra to make sure your bra is doing everything for you that it should. Here’s what you can expect from a bra that fits correctly.

1. It feels like it fits

If you’re questioning whether your bra fits correctly, then chances are it doesn’t. A correctly fitting bra should feel good to wear. It should feel like it fits comfortably against your body, and you shouldn’t be aware of anything digging into your skin, irritation, or itchiness. If your bra cup feels uncomfortable, or the underwire is pressing uncomfortably against the front of your bust or chest, then it’s likely your bra cup is too small. If the wire presses into your armpit, then it’s likely your bra cup is too big.

2. It stays in place all day

A bra shouldn’t just feel good when you put it on, it should stay feeling comfortable all day without needing to be constantly adjusted or attended to. If you’re pulling your bra back into place all the time, then it’s not right for you. If you’re thinking “why does my bra ride up all the time?” this is a classic sign your bra needs replacing. If your bra is riding up at the front, the style you are wearing might not be supporting you enough. If you’re wondering “why does my bra ride up at the back?”, this usually means the bra is too big around your body, and you need to find a smaller band size.

3. It makes you feel comfortable

In our everyday lives, we have a lot to do. Whether we’re picking up the kids, taking the dog for a walk, or sitting at work, we want to feel comfortable in our bodies throughout the day. The right bra will allow you to move from activity to activity in your day while still feeling supported and comfortable. Of course, you will need more supportive bras for your run and yoga session, but your everyday bra should feel good for most daily movement.

4. It makes you feel confident

An important part of feeling good in our bodies is being happy with how we look every day. A good bra should help you look your best without compromising comfort. You should be happy with the way your bra looks under most of your wardrobe, so you can wear what you want and go kick some goals!

5. It supports good posture and doesn’t cause back pain

The fitted cups, bands, and straps on your bra should provide you with the support you need to maintain good posture without the sensation of being pulled forward by your breasts. If your bra isn’t providing enough support, this can put pressure on your body, and in some cases can even cause back pain. A correctly fitted bra on the other hand, can make you feel like you can maintain your posture with ease.

Having a bra that makes you feel comfortable and confident is so important to your daily wellbeing! If you’re starting to think the answer to “does my bra fit?” is “no, it doesn’t”, check out our bra fit advice and bra size charts to find a better option, or even book in for a fitting session with one of our Triumph fit experts.