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</br>Bra Basics}

Bra Basics

Posted on November 24, 2022

As we adapt to the new norm, there’s never been a better time to check if your wardrobe is ready for the wider world. While our dresses and work clothes are untouched, we’ve been wearing our bras as we lounge around at home – and let’s be honest, some of them aren’t up to the task any more. It’s time to consider whether your bras are still pulling their weight and if there’s any basics missing from your closet. If you’re wondering “what bras should every woman own?” let us break them down below!


Everyday Bra

What is it: A bra style that you can wear to feel good every day. It should be supremely comfortable and have a perfect bra fit to prevent chafing or digging in.

When to wear it: Every day! This should feel good under most of your clothes. Depending on the bra style though, it might not be a good choice to wear under a tight fitting top as seams might show through. If you’re wondering what colour bras you should own, we’d recommend beige, black, and another colour that you really love.

When to replace it: You should be alternating your everyday bra with at least two others. However, it will still get a lot of use so you might want to consider a replacement every six months.

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Everyday Essential Wired Padded Bra


T-shirt Bra

What is it: A bra type with no seams or bumpy lace to show through your shirt. Usually made with soft fabrics for casual comfort.

When to wear it: Under a t-shirt, tight-fitting work blouse or dress. When considering what bras should every woman own, it’s worth noting that many women wear their t-shirt bra as an everyday option.

When to replace it: Your t-shirt bra can last up to a year, but if you find yourself wearing it every day or on high rotation, you’ll need a new one after six months.

Browse our comfortable t-shirt bras >>

Everyday Essential Wired Padded Bra


Convertible Strapless Bra

What is it: A bra type that allows you to change the strap configuration, so you can go strapless, crossover, halter neck and more. Often this style is designed with wide sides and sewn-in-silicone stitching along the edges to keep it in place on your skin.

When to wear it: The convertible bra has oh-so many uses! You can wear it under anything sleeveless or racerback, summer tops and dresses with unusual cuts, and tops and dresses with spaghetti straps.

When to replace it: Since this isn’t an everyday bra, you should be able to get away with replacing it annually.

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Maximizer Wired Push Up Detachable Bra


Bralette or wirefree bra

What is it: A bra type without an underwire, which is completely seamless. It provides a little support and a lot of comfort.

When to wear it: Lounging around the house, sleeping, even casual errands up the road. For those with smaller breasts you can also wear these under wrap tops and super plunge dresses, or even as an everyday option.

When to replace it: This depends on how often you wear it, and whether you wear it outside the house. Since there is no underwire the fabric can stretch more easily, so you might need to replace your bralette every 4-5 months.

Get comfy in Triumph wirefree bras >>>



Do you have all these basic bras in your closet? If you’re missing an item or two, or notice your everyday bras looking a little old, then why not make sure you replace them with the perfect bra fit? You can use our bra size calculator to find your fit, or even book in for a professional fitting online.