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</br>Why You Should Wear a Bra at Home}

Why You Should Wear a Bra at Home

Posted on February 26, 2023

Think you are getting some bra-free benefits working from home? Well freeing the nipple is certainly no perk. Comfort might be king (or queen) at the moment, but ditching the bra ALL day may be doing more harm than good.

It’s difficult being separated from your circle of support – colleagues, friends, family – however, now is not the time to isolate from your bras. Your breasts still rely on your support, and that of a well-fitting bra. “If you are using ‘working from home’ as a reason to ditch those uncomfortable bras every day, alarm bells start sounding,” warns Triumph Bra Fitting Expert Paula Svoboda. “If your bra is rubbing or leaving red marks, it’s the first sign you are not wearing the correct size”.


Bra-fitting Expert Paula Svoboda, who has fitted over 50000 women throughout her career, has seen first hand the consequences of not getting the right support for your bust. “The average woman carries around a kilo of weight on their chest, so when you are not wearing a bra, you are putting that extra weight onto your back. This can lead to symptoms such as back pain, neck aches and even headaches. Symptoms can then be exacerbated if you are working from the kitchen table, couch or bed and not using a proper desk and chair at the right height and with customised back support”.

“Then there are the irreversible sagging effects that can occur down the track! It’s a common myth that sag is only due to the size of your breasts. What creates that sag is the stretching of ligaments that hold the breast tissue in place, irrespective of your size. So if you are spending the majority of your time at home bra-free, you may start to lose that elasticity and your bust may drop. A supportive bra is therefore essential whether you are an A or F cup”.


A great alternate and rising trend at the moment is the wirefree bra. Combining modern design with supreme support, Triumph’s Style Blessed range offers wire-free solutions that are as comfortable as a second skin. Triumph’s sister label sloggi also offers unrivalled comfort through its collection of seamless bras and briefs that feature zero seams, zero wires, and leave zero skin marks.

Want perky breasts for longer? Concerned you may not be wearing the right size? Visit our bra size calculator or sign up for our online Fitting Consultation at the comfort of your home.